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6 05, 2019

Nutrition For Endurance Athletes – The Ultimate Guide

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We are what we eat! Diet is critically important to our wellbeing. Whatever your interest in Nutrition, whether for general well being, weight loss or improved athletic performance this guide will help you decide what you want to put [...]

3 05, 2019

A Personalized Protein Powder Blended to Meet Your Body Type and Fitness Goals

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A Personalized Protein Powder blended to meet your needs and tailored specifically to your body type and fitness goals sounds like a great idea. That’s the idea behind Gainful Health’s Personalized Protein Powder. When you visit the Gainful Health site [...]

29 04, 2019

The Ultimate Database of Nutritional Values for any Food

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The USDA Food Composition Database is the best resource for Athletes who need to monitor their diet It lists all Proximates (Nutritional Values), Minerals, Vitamins, Lipids, and Amino Acids for almost all Standard Reference (Generic) Foods It also lists [...]