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Appendix 6 – How to add the Aerolab view to the Activities Analysis Submenu (Toolbar)

If you want to test out how aerodynamic one riding position is compared to another in order to maximize your speed for a given amount of effort you would normally use a wind tunnel.

You can use your power meter to get virtually the same results using the Aerolab feature in Golden Cheetah.

(If you don’t have a power meter you can also use the Golden Cheetah program to estimate your power but this isn’t ideal).

This chart isn’t included in the default layout. It can be added to the Analysis view from the hamburger menu (D) on the right hand side of the GoldenCheetah scope bar (D) under “Aerolab Chung Analysis”.

Learn more about Golden Cheetah Aerolab here. https://www.trainingwithdata.com/using-a-power-meter-instead-of-a-wind-tunnel-to-find-your-ideal-aero-positions/

Appendix 7 – Seasons, Phases and Events

Golden Cheetah supports basic event planning; this is part of a wider project to improve support for structured training plans so there is limited functionality in V3.5.

To add a Season, Event or Phase select the Hamburger menu on the Left Sidebar, Date ranges section.

The first thing you need to do is to create a season. There are three season types, Season, Cycle and Adhoc seasons are expected to be used solely as date ranges and have no associated plan. Other season types may contain plans. This is only relevant for planning functions that are not available yet.

An Event is used to annotate a LTM chart so you can show an ‘event’ that happened at a particular date.

There are no rules about what constitutes and event. It could be a race, a training camp or just a day that was particularly meaningful e.g. illness, crash.

Please note that events can only be created when a user season is selected, since events are associated with a particular season.

Here’s an example of an event added to the PMC. To do this you check the “Show Events” box in Chart Settings.

A Phase characterizes a training type such as base or build.

Lowest SB is not utilized at this time, leave as default.