How to get Strava Summit Analysis Features and More for Free

Strava Summit is excellent value and has many essential training and analysis features. However if, like me, you’re suffering from subscription fatigue it’s easy to build a hugely powerful alternative using these free apps; Veloviewer is £10 a year but it’s not essential (Just VERY nice) if even that’s too much for you.

Here’s a list of the add ons you’ll need to transform Strava Free into a super powerful training analysis tool for Free.

Wahoo Fitness App – iPhone and Android App – Free

Supports sensors that Strava Free doesn’t. For example it supports the Decathlon ones I use that don’t work with Strava. Also supports power meters.

Strava doesn’t support speed sensors and you need a Summit Subscription to use a power meter

Has some very nice views and shows current speed. Automatically uploads to Strava.

You can find the App on iTunes or Google play

Golden Cheetah (GC) – Standalone PC/Mac App – Free

Get Golden Cheetah

Super Powerful analysis tool that has a very good Power Estimation App to replace the Strava one.

Veloviewer – Cloud App – £10 a year

Get Veloviewer

Super powerful analysis, visualization and Strava navigation tool

Elevate – Chrome/Opera/Firefox Extension – Free

Get Elevate

Equivalent to Training Peaks Performance Management Chart and also shows a lot of essential training Stats directly in Strava

Strava Helper – Chrome Extension – Free

Get Strava Helper

Hides the “Upgrade to Summit notices and menu items”. Removes other unnecessary clutter – Nice!

Klimate  – Cloud App – Free

Adds Weather details to your activities when you upload then. (needed by GC to calculate Power for example).

Get Klimat

You can install these apps to find out more; in the meantime I’m busy writing guides for them all and will update this post as I finish them.

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