Strava Summit Safety Pack In Detail

Beacon (Safety Pack)

Location: Mobile App

This is the main feature of the safety pack. It lets you share your current location with your nominated contacts. (For example your husband/wife/partner).

To set up the beacon, open the Strava mobile app, go to the Record view, and click the Beacon icon.

Toggle Beacon ON and choose up to 3 contacts then click to send them a pre-formatted text message. You can edit the text before you send it if you want.

Now whenever you start recording an activity your safety contacts can to view your location in real-time. (assuming you have your phone and a decent signal).

Many Devices such as Garmin Edge and Wahoo Elemnt have the own versions of this feature included for free but they also rely on your Android or iPhone to send the location signal.

Personal Heatmaps  (Safety Pack)

Location: Dashboard > Heatmaps

The Personal Heatmaps feature uses color intensity to show how often you use different roads and trails.

I’m not sure why you would use this feature. Other programs that offer it report that it isn’t hugely popular.

I think Stravas Global heatmap is better (and available with Strava free) as it lets you find popular roads and trails used by other athletes.