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Strava Summit Training Pack In Detail

Custom Goals (Training Pack)

Location: Dashboard > My Goals

For cycling, running, and swimming activities you can set weekly, yearly, segment time, and power goals with this feature.

To set overall Weekly and Yearly time or distance Goals

Go to your profile view on the Strava website/mobile app.

Select your chosen sport from the options across the top, click the pencil icon. Toggle on the goal switch for This Week/This Year/Both.

Enter a value, select distance or time and click the save button.

To set Segment Goals

To set a segment goal pick your target segment and select ‘Set Goal.’ Enter your target time and deadline and select “create segment goal”.

You can also visit the My Goals view from the Dashboard, and click on the “set a goal” Button. From this view, you’ll be able to see your past goals and edit or delete current ones.

To set Power Goals

You can set power goals for key time intervals such as 5 seconds, 1 minute, and 10 minutes. (This feature will only appear on activities that have power meter data).

Visit the My Goals view from the Dashboard, and click on the “set a goal” button. Enter your power goal in Watts, and choose a time period from the dropdown. Select a target date and click the “create power goal” button.

Viewing your Current and Previous Goals

After you set a goal and a “complete by” date, you can view your goals in the My Goals view. Goals are also displayed in your profile overview.

Achieved goals are displayed in your feed.

Segment goals can only be created for cycling and running with an average percent grade that is more than -0.25%. (They can’t be created for swimming activities).

Note about Privacy:

Performance and Weekly/Yearly Goals are public. Non-followers can see these goals when viewing your profile view.

Training Plans (Training Pack)

Location: Training > Training Plans

Summit Training plans are 4-week (28 Days) training plans designed to optimize your performance on 10 different segment types.

You can customize your training plan based on the number of hours you’d like to train per week.

Each plan follows a 5-workout-per-week format, with workouts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, longer activities on Saturday and Sunday, and rest days on Monday and Friday.

Workouts are emailed to you the afternoon before to the workout.

These plans come from Carmichael Training Systems and are OK, but very generic and are emailed in text format which can’t be edited or moved to another date. They can’t be downloaded to your training device either which isn’t great.

It’s pretty easy to find similar generic, text based plans for free online or on trainingwithdata.com.

Here is a list of the plans currently available as of June 9th 2019:

Cycling Training Plans

Sixty Minute Climb
Climbing Endurance (Galibier)

Forty-five Minute Climb
Steady State/Climbing Endurance (Trollstigen)

Thirty Minute Climb
Lactate Threshold/Steady State (Old La Honda)

Fifteen Minute Climb
Lactate Threshold (Fourmile)

Ten Minute Climb
VO2 Max/Lactate Threshold (Poggio)

Six Minute Climb
VO2 Max (Camino Alto)

Three Minute Climb
Anaerobic/VO2 Max (Koppenberg)

Ninety Second Sprint
Anaerobic (Paterberg)

Forty-five Second Sprint
Anaerobic/Neuromuscular (MLK Bump)

Twenty Second Sprint
Neuromuscular (Bleacher Sprint)

Beginner Indoor Training Plan

Intermediate Indoor Training Plan

Running Training Plans

5K Plan
VO2 Max

10K Plan
VO2 Max/Lactate Threshold

Half-Marathon Plan
Lactate Threshold/Endurance

Marathon Plan
Long-term Endurance

Filtered Leaderboards (Training Pack)

Location: Segment overview page

Compete with athletes in your age and weight group rather than the entire universe of athletes completing a segment.

Click on your chosen activity and select a target segment from the overview view.

Now select an age or weight filter from the filter dropdown on the right hand side of the view

Race Analysis – Running (Training Pack)

Location: Activity Left Hand Menu

See how your races unfolded in detail in the web app. When you select the relevant activity in your feed, you´ll see the Race Analysis option on the left hand side. You’ll get a breakdown of splits, laps and pace, letting you view markers for key distances in the race.

Live Performance Data (Training Pack)

Location: N/A default automatically changes from average to instant

Shows current speed, distance, power, heartbeat, location and more, in real time. (Strava free only shows averages).

Pace Analysis – Running (Training Pack)

Location: Settings > My Peformance LH menu

The number of minutes it takes to cover a mile or kilometre. From the My Performance tab, which you can find under Settings in the web app, you can enter a recent race time to calculate running pace zones. You’ll find it alongside where you can enter heart rate zones and power zones.

Pace data is bucketed into these zones using Grade Adjusted Pace (GAP) showing you how long you spent in each pace zone. Pace zones are inspired by potential equivalent race performances by James Gardner and Gerry Purdy.